Institute for medical information - processing, biometry, and epidemiology (IBE)

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Department of Genetic Epidemiology at the Helmholtzzentrum

  • Genetic Epidemiology at the Helmholtzzentrum
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The department, or rather, Institute for Genetic Epidemiology (IGE) concerns itself with the planning, execution, and analysis of projects aiming to identify genetic factors that lead to complex diseases in humans. This includes the application, development, and implementation of different statistical methods, for example for rare mutations, mitochondrial DNA, gene-gene interaction, genotype-environment interaction, familial studies, and the consideration of population structures.

Providing information on genetic factors relating to diseases is an important contribution to the development of new therapies. Furthermore, through prediction models, it is possible to identify specific people that have a higher risk for certain diseases. This builds the foundation for personalized medicine including therapies and preventative measures.