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Lisa Pfadenhauer, Dr. MPH

Research Associate

Research Area

Postdoctoral researcher at the IBE - Pettenkofer School of Public Health (PSPH)


Marchioninistr. 17, 81377 Munich

Room: 006
Phone: +49 (0)89 / 2180-78178

Research Group

Biometry and Bioinformatics / Evidence-Based Public Health

Areas of Research and Interest

Evidence informed and evidence based public health
Method development and application

  • Quantitative and qualitative evidence syntheses
  • Qualitative primary research
  • Mixed methods in primary and secondary research
  • Synthesis of theories, models and frameworks

Conceptual aspects of (evidence-based) public health (e.g. concept analysis of context and

Implementation Science and Translation of evidence in policy and practice (e.g. primary
prevention project Freiham, CEBHA+)

Development, implementation and evaluation of complex interventions in public health

  • Development of complex interventions (e.g.development of a school-based HIV prevention intervention in Kagera, Tanzania; development of a school-based water, sanitation and hygiene intervention in the Philippines)
  • Adaptation of evidence-based interventions to new contexts (e.g. The ADAPT Study)
  • Implementation of intervention (e.g. prevention project with the city of Munich)
  • Effectiveness and process evaluation of complex interventions (e.g. CEBHA+)

Application of methods to global health (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH), HIV,
nutrition, Ebola)
Teaching of qualitative methods in the fields of Public Health und Medizin: development,
implementation, further development and evaluation of a blended learning research module

Current Projects