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Teaching conference on the MeCuM Science comprehensive courses I1 and I2

On the 13th of march, the teaching conference on "Motivation in Education" organized by the "Multiplikatoren" project "A Case for Epidemiology" took place at the IBE.


Motivation is an essential factor of teaching: Without motivation, students couldn’t learn and instructors couldn’t teach.

How then, can we persuade MeCuM students to become active participants of the comprehensive courses? – The answer to this question was presented by the organizers of the teaching conference (Frau Dr. Berger, Frau Dr. Coenen und Frau Dr. Schlipköter). Their teaching conference provided a platform to exchange information and experiences about the MeCuM science comprehensive courses I1 and I2. Participants were able to discuss teaching methods, challenges and problems in the lectures and develop solutions together.

The results of a survey among instructors and MeCuM students from the past year provided important insight for the planning of the conference and served as the basis for the discussions at the conference. Student representatives were also invited to the teaching conference.

The conference ended with small contributions from instructors and interactive workshops as well as a keynote speech on the topic “Innovative Teaching” by Dr. Monika Uemminghaus, project coordinator of the Multiplikatoren-program at the LMU

Multiplikatoren-Project „A case for Epidemology“