Institute for medical information - processing, biometry, and epidemiology (IBE)

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Departments and Professorships

  • Department of Biometry and Bioinformatics


    The Department of Biometry and Bioinformatics at the Institute for medical Information Processing, Biometry, and Epidemiology provides research, education, and consultation on statistical methods for fundamental medical research, clinical projects, and public health more

  • Department for Public Health and Health Care Research


    The Institute for Health and Rehabilitation Sciences is now known as the Department for Public Health and Health Care Research.

    The department is divided into the following research groups:
    - Research Unit for Biopsychosocial Health
    - Medical Climatology / Health Care Research and Health Resort Medicine more

  • Professorship for Biostatistics with a focus in Oncology


    The tasks of the department include: The development of innovative biostatistical concepts for the integration of the cancer registry of the TRM with the clinical and health care research, contributing to the expansion and integration of registries in clinical epidemiology and public health, and providing support for the research of biomarkers and molecular medicine more

  • Professorship for Biometry in Molecular Medicine


    The working group's research activities concentrate on three main areas:

    -Development of statistical methods
    -Statistical applications/consulting
    -Epistemology more

  • Professorship for Epidemiology of Vertigo and Dizziness



    - Vertigo and Dizziness
    - Aging Research
    - Health Services Research
    - Patient Reported Outcomes more

  • Interdisciplinary Professorship of "Public Health Policy & Administration"


    The field of Public Health aims to provide conditions in which people can live a healthy life (Institute of Medicine, 1988 u. 2002). This task of public health is only achievable through the cooperation of various different actors in society. The World Health Organization therefore describes Public Health as the science and practice of disease prevention, prolongation of life, and promotion of health through community intervention. more

  • Department of Genetic Epidemiology at the Helmholtzzentrum


    The department, or rather, Institute for Genetic Epidemiology (IGE) concerns itself with the planning, execution, and analysis of projects aiming to identify genetic factors that lead to complex diseases in humans. This includes the application, development, and implementation of different statistical methods, for example for rare mutations, mitochondrial DNA, gene-gene interaction, genotype-environment interaction, familial studies, and the consideration of population structures. more

  • Epidemiology II at the Helmholtzzentrum


    Leitung unter Frau Prof. Dr. Annette Peters more

  • Department for Epidemiology of LMU München at UNIKA-T


    The Department for Epidemiology, managed by Professor Dr. Jakob Linseisen, will establish a patient-oriented epidemiology research program at Klinikum Augsburg. more

  • Currently vacant departments and professorships