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Interdisciplinary Professorship of "Public Health Policy & Administration"

Professor: apl. Prof. Dr. med. Manfred Wildner, MPH

The field of Public Health aims to provide conditions in which people can live a healthy life (Institute of Medicine, 1988 u. 2002). This task of public health is only achievable through the cooperation of various different actors in society. The World Health Organization therefore describes Public Health as the science and practice of disease prevention, prolongation of life, and promotion of health through community intervention.

The Pettenkofer School of Public Health has taken up this challenge and has therefore created the interdisciplinary professorship in Public Health Policy & Administration. Building on the long-standing cooperation between the Ludwig-Maximilians Universität (Institute for Information Processing, Biometry and Epidemiology) and the continuing education program for the Public Health Care system Specialty at the Academy for Health and Food Safety within the Bavarian Agency for Health and Food Safety (Bayerischen Landesamt für Gesundheit und Lebensmittelsicherheit), a deep network has been arranged for this professorship.

Public Health is a multidisciplinary field. It relies on the bridge between theoretical concepts and practical implementation, the bridge between concrete social application and the capacities of academic institutions, and the bridge between the past, present, and the future (see also the documentary "A 100 Year History of the Social Hygiene, Social Medicine, and Public Health in Germany"). This multidisciplinary approach involves various areas of society and the health care system. Public health is an influential practical field predominantly performed by the Public Health Service (Öffentlichen Gesundheitsdienst). Important tasks of the ÖGD include the prevention of diseases, the promotion of health, the execution of health protective measures (for example in the field of environmental health and protection of infections), and the management of the health care sector through the modern stewardship/governance. This range of tasks is supplemented by the work of the LGL through the advancement of medical care in Bavaria, which include the analysis of the health care system, health economy, and social legislation.

Publications of the State Institute for Public Health (LGL: Landesinstitut für Gesundheit)

Editorials from the magazine: Das Gesundheitswesen


Prof. Dr. Manfred Wildner, MPH
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