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Katharina Mörschel, MD, MSc

Visiting Researcher


Junior Research Group Planetary Health Nutrition
Chair of Public Health and Health Services Research
Pettenkofer School of Public Health, LMU Munich
Elisabeth-Winterhalter-Weg 6, D-81377 Munich, Germany

Room: U032
Phone: +49 (0)89 2180 782 34 / +49 157 55 808 909
Fax: +49 (0)89 2180-78237


ResearchGate | LinkedIn | Twitter | ORCID

I am a Medical Doctor, Public Health Researcher and Independent Consultant. I hold a MSc in Public Health (Health Promotion) from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM). My research focuses on policy processes in relation to Public Health Nutrition and the Commercial Determinants of Health. Applying a framing perspective, I analysed the debate on sugar taxation in Germany and am currently working on an analysis of the debate on price-based policies related to meat. I am committed to conducting high-quality policy-relevant research and knowledge translation.

Current projects

FoodPlanetH - Food Environments for Planetary Health (2022-2027; Project brief)

Areas of interest

  • Commercial Determinants of Health
  • Public and Planetary Health Nutrition
  • Prevention of non-communicable diseases, overweight and obesity
  • Public Mental Health
  • Women’s Health and Gender Equality
  • Methodological experience
  • Qualitative analysis (framing analysis)
  • Quantitative analysis (data management & regression analysis)
  • Evidence synthesis (narrative reviews)

Key Publications

  • Moerschel, K. S., von Philipsborn, P., Hawkins, B. & McGill, E. Concepts of responsibility in the German media debate on sugar taxation: a qualitative framing analysis. European Journal of Public Health. 2022; 32(2), 267–272.
  • Moerschel, K. S., Philipsborn, P. von, Hawkins, B. & McGill, E. Evidence-related framing in the German debate on sugar taxation: a qualitative framing analysis and international comparison. Evidence & Policy. 2023; 19(1), 42–57.
  • Further publications are listed below.

Work Experience

  • Visiting Researcher, Ludwigs-Maximilians-University Munich, May 2023 - Present
  • Public Health Consultant, Deutsche Diabetes Gesellschaft and Healthier Systems Ltd., Jan - June 2021
  • Student Assistant for public relations, Deutsche Diabetes Gesellschaft/Deutsche Allianz Nichtübertragbare Krankheiten, Apr 2018 – Jun 2019

Degrees & Certifications

  • Master of Science Public Health (MSc), with Distinction, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
  • Medical doctorate, Charité University Medicine Berlin, ongoing
  • Medical degree (MD), Charité University Medicine Berlin (3rd state exam 29/11/2022)


  • Zoe Walker Memorial Prize for great understanding of the Principles of Health Promotion (LSHTM)

Peer review

All peer review available at Web of Science.

  • International Journal of Health Policy and Management
  • BMC Nutrition

Science Communication

Framing the evidence on sugar taxes in Germany: lessons for public health, Evidence & Policy Blog

Further publications

Key publications are listed above.

  • Moerschel, K. S., De Bacquer, D., De Backer, G., Wood, D., Kotseva, K., Wellmann, J. & Prugger, C. Assessing the probability of risk factor control in patients with coronary heart disease: results from the ESC-EORP EUROASPIRE V survey. European Journal of Preventive Cardiology. 2022; 29(10), 1465–1475.
  • Sadjadi, M., Mörschel, K. S. & Petticrew, M. Social distancing measures: Barriers to their implementation and how they can be overcome- A systematic review. European Journal of Public Health. 2021; 31(6), 1249–1258.
  • Sell, K., Kuhn, E., Arnold, L., Boehm, C., Gepp, S., Havemann, M., Herrmann, L., Hommes, F., Jung, L., Mathé, P., Mörschel, K., Stratil, J. & Fischer, F. COVID-19 zwischen Disruption und Transformation der öffentlichen Gesundheit: Erste Lehren aus Perspektive des Nachwuchses. Das Gesundheitswesen. 2021; 83(11), 894–899.
  • Shao, R., Feil, C., K Wild, C., Morschel, K., Bonyani, A., Smith, R., Kailas, T., Leventhal, O., Alsoud, Y., Hatefi, A., Varghese, C., Zhang, Y., Rosseau, N., Waqanivalu, T., Xu, H., Mikkelsen, B. & Allen, L. Assessing the characteristics of 110 low- and middle-income countries’ noncommunicable disease national action plans. International Journal of Noncommunicable Diseases. 2021;, 6(2), 56.
  • Arnold, L., Mörschel, K., Suffel, A. & von Philipsborn, P. Präventionspolitik – Nicht nur ein Themenfeld für das Gesundheitsressort. Public Health Forum. 2020; 28(3), 202–204.

Invited Talks, Expert Panels and Conference Moderation (Selection)

  • Mediendebatte zu ‘Zuckersteuer’ in Deutschland Moerschel K.S. Meeting of the German NCD Alliance (DANK), Germany, 2022.
  • Policy-Maßnahmen für gesunde Ernährung Moerschel K.S. National Congress of the German Medical Students Association (bvmd), Germany, 2021.