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Heavy tail issues

Heavy tail properties of COVID-19 fatalities

Here we provide an actual data set based on the John Hopkins University COVID-19 data including reported incidences, deaths, population estimates and rescaled death rates per 100 000 persons for all countries with reported fatalities. The data set includes data from January 22 2020 up to June 30 2020. The attached R code investigates if the distribution of the COVID-19 fatalities shows typical properties of heavy tailed distributions, similarly as investigated by Cirillo and Taleb (Nat. Phys. 16, 606–613 (2020)). Additionally we provide code for calculating the Gini index and Lorenz curves, which are another tools we propose for analysing potentially heavy tailed distributions. The graphs produced by the R script can be downloaded as a pdf file.

COVID-19 John-Hopkins-University data set (as of June 30 2020)

COVID-19 John-Hopkins-University data set (37.5KB, XLS)

R Code for analysis of heavy tailed distributions

R Code for analysis of heavy tailed distributions (4.0KB, R)

Graphs for COVID-19 fatalities

All_Figures_2020_06-30_200.pdf (14.5KB, PDF)