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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the teaching language of the programme?

All courses and lectures of the core modules and the corresponding exams are held in English. Thus good English language skills are a prerequisite. Please note that certificates have to be submitted with the application. Find more information here:

2. Are German language skills required?

Knowledge of the German language is not required but strongly recommended, as you can choose more courses – and it makes living in Germany much more enjoyable.

3. Does LMU offer language courses?

LMU offers German courses for various levels of proficiency. Find more information here.

4. Is work experience required before applying for the programme?

Work experience is an asset, but not a requirement for admission to the programme.

5. How much is the tuition fee per semester?

LMU Munich charges a semester fee of approximately 130 EUR per semester. Find more information on the fee here.

6. What is the deadline for applications?

The deadline for applications is May 15. The written exam takes place in May/June. All candidates who successfully pass the written exam are invited for an oral exam, which takes place in June/July.

7. How many students are being admitted to the programme every year?

Approximately 30-35 students start every year.

8. Can I enroll as a part time student?

No, our study programme is a full time programme only.

9. How is the weekly schedule set up?

The schedule varies. Time table mainly depends on your choice of electives. Daily compulsary courses alternate with block modules

10. Can I finish the study in one year by taking extra courses?

No, this is a 2-year programme, which cannot be completed in one year.

11. What type of Visa should I apply for?

Students from most countries outside the EU will require a student visa. We strongly advise you to contact the German embassy and/or consulate in your country of residence to ensure that you apply for the correct type of visa specific to your situation. Please make sure to check well in advance what the exact entry permit regulations applicable to your nationality are.

12. Can I work while being enrolled in the programme if I am staying in Germany on a student visa?

Work permit regulations may vary depending on your nationality and/or visa status. For further information on how to access the German labour market for you, please contact either the German embassy or the consulate responsible for issuing your visa.

13. How can I find a student job?

You can find a list of student jobs here. Further job opportunities as well as opportunities for further qualifications can be found on the website of the LMU Career Service.

14. How can I find accommodation?

Finding accommodation in Munich can be difficult, especially in September, October and November, when most new students arrive in the city. Therefore, it is advisable to start looking for accommodation as soon as possible. Most students live in private rooms or apartments. Rooms in students’ halls or residence usually have long waiting lists. Most of these rooms are managed by “Studentenwerk München”. For further information and advice for students looking for accommodation in Munich, please consult:

Other possible addresses to look for accomodation:
https://www.studentenwerk accommodation/furtheraccommodation/privately run halls of residence/