Institute for medical information - processing, biometry, and epidemiology (IBE)

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The IBE offers lectures to MeCuM students in the following subjects: biometry, epidemiology, evidence based medicine, medical informatics, and research practices.

The lectures at the IBE are in the MeCuM L5 and L6 course range and are composed of two comprehensive blocks I1 „Basics!“ and I2 „Advanced!“ . These lectures take place all day on Wednesdays. Additionally, the IBE offers  elective exam prep courses (workshops and software-courses). (Registration can be found under the campus portal of the faculty of medicine (

epiLearner (Beta version), an interactive e-learning program, is now available for medical students as a study tool for epidemiology and statistics courses within the MeCuM-Science program.

Both comprehensive blocks are completed with an exam (Q1). 

A few different courses for research practices are offered in Module 6.

The course material for all MeCuM lectures at the IBE can be found in Moodle(

Courses are only offered in German.

The IBE also offers statistical consulting for all doctoral candidates of the faculty of medicine at the LMU.

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Please contact Mrs. von Stuckrad ( with any questions