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Tutorials I1 / I2 (Current Tutorials for WS 2017/18)

MeCumScience Winter Semester 17/18 Intensive Block I1: Additional courses in the afternoon to supplement the core lectures.

The EBM Workshop „When instinct and wikipedia are not enough - how do I find evidence?“ (on a Wednesday from 16:15-17:45) teaches students to develop and use search strategies for the Cochrane Library and PubMed. Students will learn to identify relevant and trustworthy publications to answer precise scientific questions. In addition, students will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using UpToDate, the Cochrane Library, and PubMed in making decisions in the clinical setting.

The Workshops „Estimating and Testing“ and “Correlation” (twice on Wednesdays from 16:15-17:45) provide the possibility for students to work through the content of that day's lectures in small groups to further deepen their knowledge in the topics. Students will work on additional exercises relating to descriptive statistics, statistical testing, correlation and regression, and diagnosis, as well as review any questions they may have relating to the core courses. In addition, the participants will discuss the application and presentation of these methods in selected publications from the medical field. The SPSS Courses “Testing” and “Correlation & Regression” (twice on Wednesdays from 15:00-16:30) provide the opportunity for students to individually work on data and apply methods learned in lecture to the data. Students, therefore, learn to independently execute simple statistical analysis in SPSS.

The number of participants for each elective is limited. Therefore, all participants must register for this course through the MyMeCuM.